2014 Prairie Schooner Mates

Admiral Windwagon Smith doesn’t travel alone!  This year the Admiral will be accompanied by 24 Prairie Schoonermates.  Schoonermates are juniors from area high schools selected by their school principal to serve during Riverfest as a representative of their respective schools.  They will be present at Riverfest events, volunteer to help where needed and serve as goodwill ambassadors at their schools prior to Riverfest.

Following their selection, Schoonermates and their parents shared in an orientation session about the program and spent a day working on team-building activities at the Grizzly Adventure at Butler Community College.  They faced the challenges of an obstacle course and learned team work through a variety of activities - walking a tight rope 30-feet in the air and ziplining to the ground.   They finished the day by pairing up and climbing a 30 foot pole, to stand on an 18” platform with their partner.   Of course, each student was strapped in a harness for all these activities and supervised by trained staffers!  The experience built and secured trust and encouragement between them during each adventure. 

They’re ready for Riverfest!

Special thanks to Grizzly Adventures and Hotel at WaterWalk for their generous support of the Prairie Schooner Mates program.

2014 Riverfest Prairie Schooner Mates

Cooper Allison
Wichita Southeast
Katie Beth Bakel
Wichita Heights
Claire Byers
Andover Central
Agape Camden
Kenton Criser
Jessica Cross
Wichita Northeast
Zac Donley
Kapaun Mt. Carmel
Trent Edwards
Wichita Collegiate
Ellie Hardesty
Alex Lashley
Bishop Carroll
Natasha Lawrence
Wichita Heights
McKenna Martin
Wichita Northwest
Jayden Massey
Northeast Magnet
Samantha Miller
Leah Nelson
Stephanie Nutt
Wichita North
Samantha Orr
Valley Center
Sarea Recalde-Phillips
Independent School
Madison Seller
Carla Potvin
Prairie Schooner Mate "Mom"

Vikas Tirukonda
Wichita East

Stephanie Willard
Wichita South

Traci Baker
Prairie Schooner
Mate "Mom"

Elizabeth Desantiago
Wichita West

Not Pictured:
Danny Edmond, Cheney
Jessie Villaponda, Kingman

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