Riverfest & Bombardier Learjet partner to go green

Plastic bottles can be found almost anywhere on Earth. This attests to the fact of their usefulness and to the ease and low cost in making these items. Indeed plastic are so useful that almost any liquid beverage or food product can be found being sold in plastic. They are light in weight and almost unbreakable when used for their designed purpose. This is also the reason why plastics and plastic bottles account for a large part of the waste generated by our throwaway society.

Each year during Riverfest, nearly 50,000 bottles and cups of soft drink, water and beer are sold and consumed during the 9 day event. In order to meet the initiative of better serving the environment and recycling these bottles, Bombardier Learjet has made the decision to be the “Official Riverfest Recycling Partner”. Their generous sponsorship will make available 20 separate recycling stations at Riverfest in high traffic areas.

“Plastic bottles are the most recycled plastic items and the easiest to recycle, yet their recycle rate is only 24%! Riverfest and Bombardier plan to change that percentage during Riverfest activities!”


When attending Riverfest events at either West Bank Stage or the A. Price Woodard Park main food court, be sure to look for the Bombardier Learjet Recycling Centers and recycle your plastic bottles and cups.

If you need more info about plastic bottle recycling…

Recycling Plastic Bottles / What are the benefits to recycling plastic bottles?

Conservation of Oil. When a ton of plastic bottles are recycled approximately 3.8 barrels of petroleum is saved.

Reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions. The substitution of recycled materials reduces the emission of greenhouse gases that are produced in the manufacturing of virgin materials.

Saving of Landfill Space. Not having millions of plastic bottles in the landfill results in a saving of 6.7 cubic meters of landfill space that is at a premium right now. Plastic bottles also take an average of 500 years to biodegrade.

Conservation of Energy. Water and soft drink bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate or PET.  Recycling of one pound of PET results in a saving of approximately 12,000 BTU’s (British Thermal Units).

Benefits of Reuse. Recycled bottles can provide an environmentally friendly source of materials for the manufacture of new products and substitutes recycle materials for virgin materials.

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